Tombola Raffle

Tickets cost 5€ each. They are valid for the day only, and are bought on site before the drawing.
Everyday day different modules will be offered in the tombola.

The drawing of the tombola raffle will be held each day at 23:00.

To check the updated prize selection specs, info, etc… on modular grid of the Tombola Raffle Case click here.

We believe there will be happy winners among the public.



Modules in the case are:

BASTL – Popcorn
Joranalogue – Switch 4
 Klavis – TW
 Klavis – LG
 Korb Modular – Folder
 Livestock Electronics – Mir
 Eowave – Fluctuations magnétiques
 Modor – Formant Filter
 Polaxis – Talko
 Shakmat Modular – Four Bricks Rook
 Tinrs – Tuesday pre-prod
 Xaoc – Kamieniec
 XOR-Electronics – Nerdseq pre-prod
 Seismic Industries – VIM
 Erica Synths – Fusion VCA
 Erica Synths – PICO
 VPME – Zeroscope
 TouellSkouarn – Sonveskãn
Error Instruments – SPIKES
 TipTop Audio – Z2040 MK2
 ADDAC – 202
 ADDAC – 200B
 ADDAC – 200PI