DIY Workshops

Sat 3rd June 2017
Location: Barlok, Brussels

Download workshop  info sheet 

DIY workshop for beginners and padawans hosted by Shakmat Modular,  Erica Synths, TouellSkuarnVladimir Pantelec MusikelektronikKorb Modular and Gieskes.

Don’t forget to bring your favorite tools such as soldering iron, heat gun, solder, tweezers,… We can not provide replacement tools for everybody!

Access to the workshops is 20€ and includes access to the Live Acts later that evening. Kits are bought on site at a discounted priced.

The workshops will begin at 14h00 until 19h00. There is possibility to buy more than one kit of course. Therefore we would suggest to use the registration form more than once so that we know how much kits are needed.

Use this link to have a valid inscription please.

Proposed kits:

Shakmat Modular
Erica Synths
Korb Modular